Gregory Is A Dancer

‘The life to death story of a compulsive dancer who is born into poverty, sucked up by the fame machine and spat out the other end.’

In 2014 I worked as Green Screen Director Of Photography with Dice Productions on Gregory Is A Dancer, their second Random Acts film for Channel 4 and was commissioned by Balletboyz.  All the action was chromakeyed and composited together to create an environment that was as confusing as Gregory’s life.

It was aired on Channel 4 and is now doing the festival circuit to many a stunned audience, as well as being a Vimeo staff pick.

Click here for some behind the scenes action.

Here’s the complete Credit list:


Gregory – Tom Reid,
Young Gregory – Freddie Fawke,
Mum – Claire Corfield,
Dad – Craig Deeley,
Media Mogul – Padje Mescall,
Wife – Joanne Billingham,
Pub Regular – Pat Carney,
Mistress – Carrie-Anne Bowyer,
Waitor – Cameron Moon,
Playground idiot – Phil Ravenscroft,
Pub DJ – Ian Ravenscroft


Director – Louis Hudson

Writer – Ian Ravenscroft & Louis Hudson

Producer – Ian Ravenscroft & Louis Hudson

Music – Rob Connor

Sound Design – Rob Connor

Colour Keying – Steven Spencer

Green Screen Director of Photography – Craig Bush